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Are you looking for a way to help support young adults with autism in our community? The Dennis J. Sanders III Autism Foundation is in desperate need of funding to support our mission of empowering individuals with autism with inclusive employment right here in Wichita. Everyone deserves a chance to find their place.

What is Inclusive Employment?

Once young adults with autism graduate high school, their opportunities and resources to grow or advance in a career are slim to none. With your help, we can help find their passion and find their place in Wichita at Good Company. At Good Company coffee shop, cafe, and bookstore, young adults with autism can work side by side in an inclusive environment. Here, they will learn the social skill set needed to move forward and find jobs to grow in our community with opportunities every person should have. Subscribe and stay informed about Good Company to support our cause!

Take Action!

The minds of these individuals are brilliant, but need the chance to shine by polishing social skills. Our goal is to provide assistance for every family in need without them having to worry about funding to give their children opportunities to learn that every child and young adult should have. Please consider donating or purchasing a raffle ticket to support our cause of empowering young adults with autism!

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Every dollar goes towards creating jobs for exceptional individuals!

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